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About Us...NOW


We have certainly been through a lot of changes in the past few years and I didn't know if I would make it ...with Salty that is. God is great! And knows I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be! Salty Cosmetics has moved and now has a FLAGSHIP counter in the heart of Kansas City, 809 W 39th st, Kansas City, MO 64063 inside of POSH RESTORATION FACILITIES Kansas Citys  most innovative Hair and Skin treatment facility. Where I also practice as a Skin Restoration Specialist performing skin restoration treatments for people suffering from eczema, yeast overgrowth, acne, psoriasis,rosacea and other moderate to severe skin disorders. We formulate NATURAL remedies on site from our extensive restoration bar where we currently have over 100 natural ingredients to build your skin or hair treatments from scratch. In the form of cleansers, moisturizers, oils and masques. 

And keeping with our initial business plan of creating a custom blend environment where you can come to our Salty Cosmetics counter and make your very own eyeshadows from scratch, name them and take them home. This is AWESOME for fun, unique ladies night out, birthday party, bachelorette party, or holiday party! You can't do this ANYWHERE else in the United States!


S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics LLC was created by a long standing dream of mine but with a 10 year Army career, a husband and 2 kids later and other dreams I wanted to accomplish I never thought it could come true. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and decided in the summer of 2010 that I wanted to expand my career and study as an Esthetician. I met a couple of amazing women in my Esthetics class while studying at Heritage College in Kansas City.  We became FAST friends and came to realize during our makeup course that we all shared one passion MAKEUP! We decided that we wanted to put that passion into something highly creative and do something for us and others that we knew everyone would enjoy.  With a lot of prayer and Gods blessing our dreams started to fall into place. And one afternoon while trying to come up with a "clever" name to market our new business we realized that the first letter in each of our names spelled out SALTY!  Sarah, Arnelle, Lacey, Tom and Yolanda.(Tom and Yolanda are my AMAZING parents) And S.A.L.T.Y. was born!

After our long journey in school, Arnelle,Lacey and I have finally graduated with our Associates Degrees and have become licensed Estheticians!! Congratulations ladies!!

Yes, we are a brand new baby company and have a TON to learn and a lot of growth ahead of us....but with all our creativity and passion we hope to give you a product you will love as much as we do. We believe with our diverse backgrounds, age and careers that we can provide our clients with a unique insight into the beauty industry, a vast array of knowledge, reasonable prices and a high end, safe luxury product that you can be proud to wear. Our makeup is fresh and not sitting in a werehouse somewhere. We only make enough product to serve our current clients and with custom blending it is even fresher!!

We look forward in taking our time to develop each product line as we move forward and grow and that's why we are only starting with eye shadows.  When that is perfected we will move on to mastering another product.  We believe in quality and want our customers to fall in love with each new product we develop all over again.  With the strength, support, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and motivation from our friends and families we hope to build a company that we can truly be proud of and pass that on to our customers!!  We truly believe we were put together for a reason and can't wait to see what our future holds.  We ask that you follow us on our journey while making a seemingly unattainable dream become REALITY.

Sarah Piccinini

Licensed Esthetician

Owner/Founder, S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics LLC



To provide custom blended, luxurious, hand crafted, safe mineral cosmetics of superior quality to women of all ages and ethnicities.


About Our Products

The Benefits~

We are licensed Estheticians so we have studied many different ingredients before formulating any of our products! We wanted to provide our clients the safest, purest most luxurious form of cosmetics. Each individual product has its very own unique recipe. Not all pigments react the same way so each one requires personal attention. We use a high grade luxury filler, Boron Nitride which cuts down on the amount of dilution in our product and no skin sensitivities.  This filler is used to bind the particles tightly to the pigment to give you the strongest adhesion to the skin, which means HOURS of crease free, smooth wear time!! This filler also has several facets(faces) on one particle which means when the light hits it, it reflects off the facets and provides the client with with a smooth, bright appearance.  The appearance of fine lines is diminished greatly and it has amazing oil controlling and antibacterial properties to keep your makeup germ free. 

We DO NOT USE BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE which is used in the MAJORITY of most cosmetic lines! This is a very cheap filler that has great adhesion properties and is very smooth and silky BUT this filler creates an array of skin sensitivities such as redness, watery eyes, itching and in some that are very sensitive extreme versions of these symptoms.  

We test ALL of our products on ourselves first, my daughter (who has extremely sensitive skin), and our close friends and families! 

Limited Supply~ 

All of our products our very unique and exclusive and have limited supplies, our products are hand-made and we like our products FRESH so we keep a very small supply on hand.  So if you see a product sold out don't worry, it only takes us about a week to remake and we ALWAYS make it worth the wait!! 

Custom Blending~

We believe our uniqueness comes from our ability to custom blend specific color combos to assure you have a color that is PERFECT for YOU! And no one will have that color but you! Blended to your specifications, we ask you to provide us with color( ex.brown with a hint of pink),texture (matte, satin or shimmer), color intensity (light, med, dark) and skin, eye and hair color. All these specifications provide us a great base to start with and we involve you every step of the way! We will send you samples to try and give us your feedback so we can tweak and make it absolutely perfect! 


Mica, Iron oxides, Boron Nitride, Magnesium Stearate, Silica Spheres, Rice Powder, Kaolin Clay, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide

Final Notes About our Company~

We are a very small company and we are working VERY hard to provide you with the most luxurious products possible.  We are growing slowly and want to expand our products one at a time.  We cannot provide outstanding client service without your feedback! So please, we ask you to inform us when you receive a product that is less than perfect! With that being said since our products are HAND MADE it is not unusual to find SOME inconsistencies as in ALL hand made products.  We absolutely LOVE what we do and pride ourselves on our boutique style service.  You are dealing directly with me (Sarah) or  Arnelle. Also since we are all licensed Estheticians we welcome ANY of your skin care questions, concerns and tips! So don't hesitate to email us!! 

Here's to making dreams a reality.....don't give up .....and NEVER SAY NEVER!!


With all God's blessings,



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