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YOU design, YOU name it and YOU promote it and earn DISCOUNTS!

Our Custom Blends is the most unique aspect of S.a.l.t.y. Cosmetics! I can't tell you how many times I went to the cosmetics counter with a certain eye shadow in mind and left defeated or buying a bunch of stuff that I didn't need or already had similar versions of. It was either too dark, too light, too matte, too shimmery or not enough pigment.  And not to mention the amount of money we spend on something we only used once or didn't want to take back.  

We want to put YOU back in charge of your cosmetic experience! To me there is nothing more rewarding than creating something YOURSELF! And with our Custom Blend program you can have that same experience but without a mess! And of course having the PERFECT eye shadow for YOU desinged by YOU! 

View the gorgeous Custom Blends we've made for some of our recent clients, here.

How YOU work it........

Step 1: YOU design it!

YOU have just been inspired to create the most PERFECT eye shadow! When you place your order you will need to include criteria for us to follow in order to create your Custom Blend eye shadow or Glam Glitter.  

Color, texture base (matte, satin, shimmer, metallic, etc...), and intensity (light, medium, dark). You will also provide your hair,eye and skin color so we can be sure what we are creating is perfect for YOU!

Ex:  I am looking for a peach based neutral with a matte finish, but would like a small hint of shimmer. Medium intensity.  I am fair skinned with freckles, blonde hair and blue/green eyes. 

Step 2: YOU name it!

During the blending process we will provide you with one sample size of your Custom Blend for each change that is made per your requests.  Let's say we send you the first sample and you requested an indigo inspired blue with a hint of pink in the background.  The first sample we send you try is TOO blue and TOO dark for your liking and you would like us to lighten it up and make it a little more pink.  The next sample we send you will ONLY contain the changes you specify.  And we keep doing this until YOU are happy with the sample! You will be testing it for pigment, blendability, texture, any skin reactions, and of course how it wears through out the day.

Once you have fully tested out your final sample and have given us the "thumbs up", you will be required to give your new eye shadow a NAME!  YOU can name it whatever YOU wish!  Now we do have several eye shadows in stock and sometimes coming up with a name is a little challenging....BUT use your imagination.  Think OUTSIDE the box, if you notice none of our names are boring nor are they anything you have seen anywhere else.  Think of what inspired you to make your Custom Blend to begin with....and this usually does the trick! We do have to approve the name before we send it out just so we don't end up with colors that are too similar in names.  But once your eye shadow name has been approved we will get your full size jar (10gm) out to you immediately.  We create a description that includes part of the description you had already provided us,  your name, city and state and it will be available for purchase on the website within a week of you receiving your color.

The Custom Blend price includes shipping costs on all samples.

Step 3:  YOU promote it!

Now this is the BEST part of all!  Now that you have created your very own eye shadow...well you want to SHOW IT OFF don't you?  Shout to the world that you have an eye shadow that YOU created and YOU named!?  Well and on top of that wouldn't you LOVE to earn some discounts? BUT OF COURSE! 

YOU will have the option of "sharing" your Custom Blend eye shadows from our website onto any social media network you choose.  Your mission is to get your friends and family to "VOTE" for your Custom Blend and the more votes you receive the bigger the discounts towards any future purchases AND the bigger the prizes and freebies! You can promote any way you wish to get your friends to "vote"! You can post your own pics/videos of YOU or anyone else wearing your Custom Blend! We will also be picking the best photos/videos and the blend with the most votes will be featured on our site with a discount code for your voters to purchase your blend at a discount! The more traffic you drive to our site the more rewards we can give you! 

You will also receive a 25% off lifetime discount for ANY Custom Blend that you have created.


Here is what it will look like:

15 Votes -10% off order

25 Votes-15% off order

50 Votes + 1 Review= 25% off order plus one free eye shadow (small)

100 Votes + 3 Reviews= 35% plus 2 free eye shadows (small)

200 Votes + 8 Reviews= 40% plus Salty prize package worth $35

250 Votes + 10 Reviews=50% plus Salty prize package worth $50

300 Votes + 15 Reviews=70% plus Salty prize package worth $75

500 Votes + 20 or more Reviews= 80% plus Salty prize package worth $100!

YOU help us drive traffic to our website and WE reward you with discounts and gifts!!